Chemical free cleaning book Cleaning without chemicals

Chemical free cleaning book

The Chemical free cleaning book

Inexpensive and Easy Solutions that you can implement throughout your home for the fresh smell in cleaning you have been searching for while not paying out all the big bucks or ruining the environment. 

Sure you can run to the store and buy all the powerful chemicals to clean your home, but you could also be harming yourself, your children, or the environment each and every time you use these chemicals. How sure are you what you are using you in your home right now? You can be sure that when you use natural household ingredients to clean your home you are promoting a natural environment for you, your family and for generations yet to come

'Secrets of from the past revealed....'

TipKing has compiled the best of the best natural home cleaning tips to get your home in top shape for every day living and to get you through those special occasions where you could have a little disaster. 

You can find answers to all your questions, for example, how to clean hardwood floors, cleaning your linoleum, getting hard water stains from your sinks and off your faucets, cleaning grease off of your stove, tackling those tough laundry stains, deodorizing carpets, polishing your shoes for the occasion and so much more that you will refer back to continually!

The most excellent and significant natural cleaning information is here at your fingertips so you can face any clean-up day in your home. From the lightest daily cleaning chores to the deep grimy cleaning tasks in your oven or in your garage you will find the household tips and ideas in this book that you can use over and over again leaving you proud of your spotless home when guests unexpectedly appear.

Learn how homes were cleaned WITHOUT chemicals through history. 

When you are in the middle of a deep clean weekend in your home and you find that you are running low on cleaning supplies you don't have to run to the store - you can reach in the cupboard and pick out what you already have to make all purpose cleaners, abrasive cleaners, toilet cleaners plus you can find stain fighting solutions in this Room by Room book.

'Save money by using natural based household supplies to clean in your home.'...

 Tip King has compiled all the facts here about natural cleaning products that you can use not only to clean your home, but also to protect your environment by not adding chemicals into the atmosphere. Frugal and organic home cleaning finally is available all in one book for your enjoyment and for application in your life!

If you are on a budget, but you need to clean your home, use these tips to do it!

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