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In your home you are going to be fighting many types of odors which include smoke, pets, children, what you have cooked for dinner that night, and a wide range of other odors that will enter your home. This collection of ideas and tips can be used throughout your home or office to ward off lingering smells.

One note to people who like to use only candles to ‘freshen’ their homes, after a period of a few years you are going to notice a black residue on your carpets and possibly even on your drapery. This black residue, even if you have your carpets scrubbed every year, is from the smoke from the candles staining your carpets so you may want to limit your use of candles, or possibly even use your candle near an air cleaner or window to allow some of the soot and smoke to be cleaned out of the air.

►For a great smell for any time of the year, you can use an old tea kettle of water and add a few drops of fragrance oil to the water. Boiling the water and letting the steam into the room will spread the fragrance throughout your home. You will have to be careful on the number of times you do this per day and per week because adding large amounts of moisture to your home can cause problems with wood and drywall finishes. Of course the more fragrance oil you use in the kettle the stronger your scent will be throughout the home.

►If you have a light that hangs in your home with a glass cover you can add a few drops of fragrance oil to the glass lampshade and you will find the fragrance is released into the air when the light heats up. You will need to be careful about how much you are adding to a glass shade, just a drop or two is enough as the heat from the light could cause a fire if the fragrance oil is too close to the heat from the light.

►If you have or silk arrangements in your home, you can add a few drops of fragrance oil to these arrangements for a lingering smell in your home.

►You can moisten a cotton ball or a rag with fragrance oil and put it behind your hot water radiators or on the top of your kitchen cabinets for a slow release of fragrance throughout your home.

►If you don’t want to buy fragrance oils you can cut a piece of fruit, apple, orange, tangerine or what ever your favorite fruit is, and boil in a pan of water for about an hour to release a fresh scent throughout the home. This method works very well with a cut up lemon for a clean scent throughout the home.

►You can absorb odors from your home by setting a cup or a bowl of vinegar in a hidden area in your home. Vinegar will even absorb the smoke from cigarettes as well. You can place your cup of vinegar on top of cupboards, behind the couch or even on a bookshelf in a pretty vase or container for easy use while freshening your home at the same time.

►By keeping an open loaf or at least a few slices of bread in the refrigerator to absorb odors in the refrigerator works great.

►Using unscented kitty litter placed in bowls or cups hidden throughout your home to absorb odors is an easy solution to using a liquid.

►You can boil cloves, cinnamon sticks, allspice or your other favorite scented spice in a pot of water for an hour or two for great holiday scent or just to have some one think that you did some baking!

►You can keep bowls of charcoal or sticks of charcoal placed throughout your home to absorb odors. This also will work with vanilla extract placed throughout your home as well.

►If you have pets in you home does your carpets smell like a cat or dog? Use one-cup water to one-cup vinegar in a spray bottle, mist over the carpet every few days to keep your house smelling fresh, and eliminate those pet odors.

►Using a pan or bowl fill it with vinegar and place it in the kitchen to absorb odors of burnt food.

►If you have a smell of fresh paint in your home pouring vinegar on white bread and place around the house on plates will get rid of this smell quick.

►To get rid of odors from drains, pour a cup of vinegar down the drain once a day for three days to eliminate and kill the smell in the drains.

►If your hands smell like onions, rub vinegar over them like you are washing your hands to get the onion smell gone fast and for good.

►To get the smell out of old jars that you use for canning or storage so you can reuse them, rinse well with vinegar, and then wash with soap and water and they will be ready for your reuse again.

►When cooking with cabbage, hard-boiled eggs or onions, add a cup of vinegar to the water to eliminate the smell from your house.

►If your pet has had a run in with skunk rub vinegar over your pets fur to absorb the odor and then wash him or her with a peroxide and warm soapy water to rinse thoroughly.
►Are you fighting the smell of cigars and cigarettes? Keep the bottom of ashtrays filled with baking soda will help cut the odors in your home.

►If you have a closet or a room that smells too much like mildew, place a bowl of lemon juice mixed with coffee grounds to absorb the odors completely.

►If your garbage disposal smells like the worst things that you have been putting down there, you can clean and freshen it at the same time by using a couple of handfuls of ice and two cups of vinegar or lemons while turning on the garbage disposal for a great clean and smell.

►If you are cooking cabbage, eggs, fish or onions you can keep the smell from going throughout your home by boiling a small pan of water with a cup of vinegar. The vinegar will neutralize the smell of what you are cooking that can often get left floating in the air.

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