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We realize that you have needs for cleaning outside of the home as well. Here you will find a few quick tips that will make your day a little easier! You can find many of the ideas throughout this book useful for cleaning the car.

You can find tips such as cleaning the chrome, the leather, the vinyl, the windows, mirrors and the fabrics that are in your car. To find these tips think about where else you would find these items in your home and go to that section but here are also a few others for your car cleaning use.

►Using three cups of vinegar with a cup of water in your windshield washer reservoir you can get by in the snow and in the rain. You can double and triple this mixture as needed to fill your car washer fluid reservoir.

►You can wax your car easily and inexpensively by using one cup of linseed oil, four tablespoons of melted carnauba wax and one half cup of vinegar. Mixing all of these ingredients and melting them together, and then letting the mixture cool before using will be best. This mixture will keep your car paint protected from the elements.

►Getting the bugs off of your car window and the hood of your car is easier when you wipe it down with vinegar, waiting a few minutes and then washing with hot soapy water. The vinegar will loosen the bugs.

►If you have splatters of tar on your cars paintwork you can easily remove them using WD40 penetrating oil. Spray onto the affected area and wipe the tar away. The added advantage is there is no need to wax the paint afterwards.

►Cleaning the inside of your car is easier after a long trip when someone has become carsick. Using a spray mixture of three parts vinegar to one part water you can deodorize while neutralizing the stain leaving your car clean and fresh smelling for the next long trip!

►Cut through the dust and grime in your car by using one cup of ammonia and half a gallon of hot soapy water to clean the floor mats and the insides of your doors in your automobile.

►For particular hard stains on your rubber mats, use a thick salt-water solution with a scrub brush to bring the color back to your floor mats.

►Keep your windows from fogging up by cleaning them with a full strength vinegar solution; this also helps keep your car smelling great.

►Clean the salt and grime off of your car by adding one cup of baking soda to a gallon of hot soapy water. This puts a stop to rust before it starts.

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