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Kitchen cleaning : Counters

For every day cleaning, most of us use hot soapy water to wipe down our counters, but for deep cleaning, or when you run out of dish soap here are some alternatives.

►Have you ever put the groceries on the counter only to find purple marks left by meats you have bought from the deli? You can scrub off these marks by using a baking soda and water paste and rubbing gently.

►Wiping your counters down with vinegar will freshen your home while neutralizing any left behind odors.

►Wiping your counters down with ammonia will lift grease and similar type stains. Wipe with water when finished.

►Wiping down your stained areas with a very thin mixture of salt water will help loosen foods that have been left sitting on the counter for a long time.

►For baked on grease on counters or in cracks between the counter and the stove use full strength vinegar to loosen it and hot water to rinse it off.

►If your counter looks a bit yucky around where the sink insert comes together, using a paste of baking soda and vinegar, rub this dirt and mold loose for a great clean. Wash down with hot water to remove any film left behind by the baking soda for a sparkling clean.

►If you have heavy stains that donít come off, you can use a thick paste of salt and water to rub these areas clean.

►If you have put a hot pan on your wood counter and you are left with a white ring on the counter, you can get these white marks out by making a paste of salt and salad oil. Rubbing this mixture on and letting it sit over night will remove the stains from your wood counter.

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