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Cleaning and upkeep on your hardwood and even pressed wood furniture can be difficult over the life of your furniture but now using these ideas and cleaning tips you can find that it also doesn’t have to be expensive to keep your hardwood furniture and pressed wood furniture looking beautiful. There are tips listed that include the use of oils to clean wood furniture. Oils that you can use in cleaning your wood furniture include olive oil, vegetable oils, or even linseed oils.

►When your furniture has been smoked by a fire or by cigarette smoke, you can use half a cup of vinegar and a quart of water plus an eighth of a cup of oil to clean your wood furniture. The vinegar will loosen the dirt and the soot, the water rinses it clean and the oil replenishes to keep the wood shiny.

►For everyday cleaning you can use a half a cup of vinegar and four drops of oil to clean your wood furniture. Keeping your furniture clean of dust prolongs the life of the wood finish. If you live in a cold dry climate, doubling the amount of oil when making your cleaner will add more to the wood finishes.

►For weekly cleaning of your wood furniture you can use one half cup of lemon juice and three cups of water to create a great smelling cleaner that will get the dust and the oils from your skin off of the wood finishes.

►A lemon polish that you can use to keep that beautiful shine on your wood furniture is mixing four tablespoons of lemon juice, twenty drops of lemon oil, and five drops of olive oil. Pure lemon oils are found through your home centers. You can use this mixture in a spray bottle directly on the furniture or on a soft rag itself.

►If you have a water stain from a glass that was sitting on your furniture put toothpaste on a soft cloth and dab the area with the toothpaste. Be sure not to rub too hard because gritty toothpaste will cause scratches. After the paste dries on the area, it will have pulling the water out of the wood and you can wipe off gently.

►A great polish for your wood furniture is take a bowl, squeeze a fresh lemon, using the lemon juice add a tablespoon of olive oil and just one teaspoon of water to thin it out a bit. Using a soft cloth, rub this mixture onto your wood furniture for a great smelling clean.

Other Furniture

►Cleaning your vinyl upholstery is easy using a dampened cloth with full strength vinegar. Wipe the entire seating and surface area to break down dirt and oil from skin and hair. Rubbing the vinegar all over vinyl upholstery will keep your vinyl soft for years to come.

►Polishing your leather furniture is inexpensive when you use linseed oil. You can boil two cups of linseed oil and then let it cool down and stir in one cup of vinegar. After stirring well, you can use a soft clean cloth and polish your leather for a great shine that will also make your leather stay soft.

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