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Insects and pests

No matter where you live and what climate you live in, you may have problems with certain bugs, pests and little critters in your home. Now you can use your every day household items to get rid of these pests without having to worry about the environment and your pets when you are fighting these little critters.

►If you have a problem with fleas or ticks you can protect your pets by washing them with castile soap. After your pet is completely dry mix a half-cup of dried rosemary with four cups of boiling water. Put this in a spray bottle, and after the mixture has cooled spray this on your pet and work it into the skin. Rosemary keeps fleas and ticks at bay. 

►You can keep mites away by keeping the moisture in your home low.

►Kill fleas in their tracks by putting sprinkling salt over the carpet where your cat or dog sleeps most.

►You can get rid of ants using full strength vinegar around the exterior base of your home. You will need to repeat this if it rains, ants won’t cross over the vinegar.

►Chili powder put around where you find ants in your home will keep ants from coming back. Use it under your cabinets and around anywhere that ants could get in.

►Anywhere that you find ants in your home, you can leave lemon peels to keep ants from coming back.

►To keep mosquitoes away, plant basil around your home and the patio.

►Make your own flypaper by using heavy paper and honey. Attracting flies is easy with the honey and they will surely be stuck.

►Do you have mice? An easy way to catch mice is to place a bowl of food, potatoes, cereal, peanut butter and bread or anything you think they might like in a little cup, place this little cup inside a large bowl of water. As the mice try to get in to the cup of food, they will fall in the water and drown.

►If you are fighting moths around your picnic or party area at night you have a couple of choices in what you would like to use: Cedar chips used in your flower beds around your home will keep moths away. You can use containers of dried lavender around the patio area to keep moths away from you and your guests.

►If you have a problem with moths in your attic you can use equal parts of dried rosemary and dried mint in sachets or sprinkled about your attic to keep moths away.

►Roaches are historic pests that you can fight with many household ingredients for example: using sugar and baking soda put in containers around your home to trap roaches in their tracks.

►You can pour borax around your home in cracks and crevices to kill roaches.

►You can pour pure silica to kill roaches by sprinkling it under your cupboards where children cannot reach it.

►Mixing borax with a little white sugar or brown sugar will make roaches carry it back to their nest to kill even more roaches dead in their tracks.

►Keeping the lights on at night will limit the time that roaches can invade your kitchen.

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