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The top motivation in organic cleaning within these pages is to bring back the day-to-day cleaning without the use of chemicals and to promote a healthy future for our children, our grand children and us. It may be a little known fact, but before the start of WWII many people around the globe were using coconut oil based soaps for cleaning throughout their homes.

After WWII slowed the flow of coconut oil, the use of oil-based cleaners was brought into our lives. With all of this change the chemical world has never brought back the use of coconut oils for our home use but we can continue to seek out alternatives to chemicals to promote healthy living. In your home you have choices and the use of natural cleaners is just one of these choices.

Using organic and natural cleaning in the home will also save you money on your home budget. When you can buy a box of salt for forty cents, a gallon of vinegar for two dollars and fifty cents and a box of baking soda for fifty cents plus clean every room in your home you can imagine how much money you would have spent on chemicals and sprays for that same job! Frugal cleaners recycle items in their home, and frugal cleaners use household items to clean throughout their home with a natural end feeling.

When you make your cleaners and polishes that are contained in this book and you put them to use in your home, you will have a full sense of satisfaction when you are finished cleaning. The sense of saving the environment while saving yourself or possibly your children health problems in the future is a wonderful feeling. My idea in creating this book is to help you clean your home from top to bottom, from all types of messes, odors and maintenance to dealing with babies and pets in the home as well. I hope you enjoy putting the ideas and information in this book to use in your home.

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