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►Are your white tennis shoes looking a little gray? Using a quart of warm water and half a cup of ammonia scrub your shoes gently with a brush and set to dry for a quick pick me upper for your shoes.

►For general cleaning of your tennis shoes, use a half a cup of vinegar and a quart of warm water, scrub using a soft brush. The vinegar water will loosen dirt and grime for a clean shine to your shoes.

►To cover up scratches on your black tennis shoes or black dress shoes when you are in a real hurry, use a black crayon to cover up the scratch, or you can use a wet tea bag placed on the area to cover the scratch good enough to get on your way. Then you can fix the scratch later with polish.

►Do you have an important date? Use a soft cloth and a dab of Vaseline to add a great shine to your shoes that will finish off your polished look.

►Are you out of shoe polish? Use lemon juice on a soft cloth to polish your leather shoes.

►To clean your leather shoes you can also use a soft cloth and white vinegar to get a deep clean on black or brown leathers. Be careful with colors that run, always test the leather before cleaning the entire shoe.

►You can get some minor types of scuffmarks off your tennis shoes by using a pencil eraser rubbed gently.

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