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Windows and mirrors

The windows and mirrors in your home offer you a view to remember and keeping them clean is important for you to be able to see clearly. While your windows may not actually get cleaned as often as the mirrors in your home, great cleaning ideas are here for when you need to use them. Cleaning your windows when the outside temperature is above freezing will get you the best results for streak free windows.

►Here is an easy to make and use window cleaner that you can use in any spray bottle. If you donít use it all the first time you will need to shake the bottle before using again. Mix together 1/3 tsp liquid vegetable based soap, 3 tbsp cider vinegar or white vinegar and two cups of water.

►You can make another easy window and mirror cleaner by using half borax and a half of denatured alcohol for a sparkling shine. Spray on or wipe on with a soft cloth and dry.

►You might be surprised but you can clean your windows or your mirrors with club soda and a soft lint free cloth. Club soda is chemical free and works wonders on dirt.

►To clean heavy dirt off of your windows, use three tablespoons of clear ammonia in a spray bottle of water. Wipe on and off as needed for a deep clean.

►You can also use vinegar (three tablespoons) with a spray bottle of water for a shiny clean window finish. You canít use ammonia and vinegar in the same solution because they will neutralize each other leaving you to clean with just the water.

►You can clean your windows with full strength mineral spirits to get heavy dirt and paints off of your glass, and then re-clean using a vinegar or ammonia solution for a clean window.

►You can clean your windows will full strength rubbing alcohol to remove what seems like years of dirt from glass.

►To get dirt and dead bugs out of the corners of your windows you can use a cotton bud dunked in vinegar or you can use a childís sized toothbrush for the larger window sill areas.

►If you have a problem with your windows frosting or freezing over adding two cups of windshield washer fluid or two cups of rubbing alcohol to your water when you are cleaning the windows will prevent frosting and freezing.

►To get hard water stains off your windows or your mirrors wipe them down with straight vinegar to cut the hard water stains.

►When you are vacuuming off your drapes, open the window and suck out any dirt or dead bugs that are accumulating on the windowsill. You can also carefully vacuum off the dust from the screens while you have the soft attachment on your vacuum.

►Do you have a window in your home that you want to cover and to keep others from peering in while you are in the shower or in a bedroom? You can make your own window covering by using four tablespoons of Epsom salts mixed into a cup of flat beer. Painting this mixture on your window and then letting it dry will leave you with a film that others canít see through.

►To make your window screens last longer, take them out once a year and wash them down with kerosene. Kerosene will prevent rust from starting. Caution: Work with kerosene only in a well-ventilated area away from open flame.

►If you have noticed a hole in your screen you can prevent this from becoming larger by dabbing some clear nail polish on the ripped area and a little bit around it so that bugs canít get in to your home.

►You can clean blinds on your windows with a piece of bread. Even though the bread will be a little crumbly you can easily sweep this up. Squishing bread in your hand will make it into a little lump, which will not leave streaks of dust on your blinds.

►Summary of quick and easy window cleaners that you can use anytime: (use three tablespoons of one of the following liquids per spray bottle of warm water when cleaning)

1. Vinegar
2. Ammonia
3. Lemon juice
4. Washer fluid
5. Vinegar with a tablespoon of cornstarch
6. Rubbing alcohol

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