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For all types of wood walls you will find that you have different needs. If you have a true wood wall that is varnished or natural finished, like your hardwood floor. you can use the wood flooring section for cleaning and waxing tips and ideas. If you have wood paneling, barn siding wood walls or other types of cedar shingle wood walls you can use the cleaning tips here for a great deep clean.

As always, because of the different stains, finishes and types of wood that are used throughout different parts of the world, you should experiment in a not so obvious section of your wall to test any cleaner before using it on a wood surface for best results.

►Do you have wood paneling that never seems to come shiny? Wood paneling may be cleaned with a mixture of one cup of olive oil and two cups of vinegar in one quart of warm water. Moisten a soft cloth or rag with the mixture and then simply wipe the paneling from top to bottom. The yellowing and dirt is then removed from your finish by wiping with a soft, dry cloth for a fresh clean and shine.

►If your wood paneling is looking old and a little dried out, use a lemon oil and wipe down the walls completely. Doing this once a week for about a month will give you the finish you like.

►If have wood or paneling near your stove that got a little too hot looking or dried out you can remove the white marks by making a paste out of salt and olive oil. Rubbing this paste over the area will bring back the natural wood finish.

►If you have wood paneling or a wood wall near your sinks or tubs you can also use the salt and olive oil paste to take out water stains and water drops that landed on the wall leaving white marks.

►Maybe you have bought a new home that has wood walls but they are looking a little old and worn out you can perk up your old wood walls by using a mixture of half vinegar and half olive oil to add color and shine to a clean wood wall.

►To dust off wood trim make a mixture of one cup vinegar, two tablespoons of olive oil and one cup of water in a spray bottle Spray onto your wood trim and wipe away dust. This method adds shine as well as giving it your surface a little moisture at the same time.

►Is your trim, doors, or other woodwork in your home stained and varnished? If your varnish is looking a little old and cloudy, softly rub with a solution of one tablespoon of vinegar with a quart of warm water. After washing, dry with a lint free cloth for the perfect shine.

►If you have food stains on your paneling using a mixture of vinegar and warm water will clean up the paneling while disinfecting at the same time.

►If you have barn wood siding or cedar shakes in your home as a wall finish you can use a solution of one cup of vinegar to one gallon of warm water to dust lightly with a warm rag.

►If you have pen marks on paneling you can use an eraser lightly to remove the majority of the ink, and then you can use straight vinegar or ammonia on a soft cloth to bring out the remainder. You won’t be able to rub this area too hard or you can pull off the finish of the paneling as well.

►Moving furniture can sometimes leave scratches in your wood walls and in your paneling. There are a few solutions here. You can use a marker or crayon that matches the color of the wood to fill in the scratch, or you can use a very strong solution of coffee or tea to dab over the scratch and cover it nicely. If your paneling has a high gloss finish to it you can use clean nail polish after using the tea or coffee to seal in the ‘stain’ and then to add the high gloss look. Make sure that the tea or coffee treatment has dried thoroughly before applying the nail polish.

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